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Accessible and affordable equipment for pets who need extra support due to disability, old age or recovering from surgery.


Animal Star Award

We are so proud to of won this years

Best Pet Related Business 2024.

Sunny has been, and always will be

at the heart of all we do.

Thank you for all your support.

Living their best life

From wheelchairs to nappies, we hope to be able to make life a little easier for everyone, so your furries can carry on living their best life.

Meet Sunny, our inspiration

The struggle to find affordable equipment for our beautiful rescue boy inspired us to make a difference and help others like Sunny.


Tail-Wagging Support

All of our disabled pet products are carefully selected and designed to provide the best possible support, comfort, and mobility for your furry companion. Whether your pet is recovering from an injury, dealing with a chronic condition, or simply needs a little extra help getting around, we've got your back (or paws, as the case may be)!

  • Comfort

    We understand that mobility challenges can be uncomfortable and painful for your pet, so we prioritise the use of soft, breathable, and supportive materials in our products.

  • Durability

    Your pet's gear needs to be able to keep up with their adventures! We aim to offer products that will withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

  • Ease of use

    We source pet products which are simple to assemble, adjust, and maintain.

  • Budget-friendly

    We're proud to offer disabled pet products that are both top-quality and affordable, because every furry friend deserves the best.

  • Freedom

    Empowering your pet to enjoy their favourite activities and experiences, regardless of any mobility challenges they may face.

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